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Professor Slavi Sevov from the university of Notre Dame visited the school of chemical and material engineering and gave an academic report
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On The morning of September 2, 2019, professor Slavi Sevov of theUniversity of Notre Dame was invited tovisitour institute and gave awonderful lecture entitled "The Wonderful World of Deltahedral Zintl Ions (Metals and Semimetals in Negative Oxidation States)". This lecture attracted many teachers and students to attend and the scene was full of academic atmosphere. This talk focus specifically on the chemistry of nine-atom deltahedral anions of germanium, Ge94–.Professor explored their redox chemistry including oxidative coupling to form oligomers ([Ge9]26–, [Ge9]36–, [Ge9]48–), nucleophilic substitution to add exo-bonded groups ([R-Ge9]3–, [R–Ge9–R]2–), and nucleophilic addition to alkynes to add organic groups with exo-bondedsp2 carbon ([R2C=CR–Ge9]3–). More recently,they introduced heterogenic reactions of precursor suspensions with various silyl-based halides in order to obtain tri-substituted monoanionic and tetra-substituted neutral clusters Ge9R3 and Ge9R4, respectively. The chemistry of these new species is currently being studied further. Both the naked and decorated Ge9-clusters exhibit interesting reactivity towards various transition-metal compounds. Thus, neutral Ni- and Pd-atoms can be inserted inside the clusters to form the endohedral species [Ni@Ge9]3–, [Ni3@Ge18]4–, [Pd2@Ge18]4–, etc. The clusters can serve as ligands in transition-metal complexes such as [Ge9Ni(CO)]4–, [Ge9ZnPh]3–, and [(Ni@Ge9)Ni(CO)]2– as well as in more complicated species such as (R4Ge9)Pd(PPh3), (R3Ge9)Cu(R3Ge9)Cu(PPh3), [(R3Ge9)Pd3(R3Ge9)]2–, etc.

Slavi C. Sevov,Tenured professor ofUniversity of Notre Dame, have owned honors and awards such asThe Exxon-Mobil Faculty Award in Solid State Chemistry,NSF CAREER Award,Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award, etc. He receivedhis Ph.D. from Iowa State University (advisor: John D. Corbett) in 1993 andPostDoc fromUniversity of Chicago (advisor: Jeremy Burdett) in 1995.Member of the International Advisory Board of the Scientific Partner Group of the Max-Planck Institute (Dresden) and the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics (Chinese Academy of Sciences).Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Inorg. Chem. (1999-2002),Chem. Mater. (2004-),J. Solid State Chem. (2006-).Theresearch interests include the main group metal cluster chemistry, intermetallic compounds, andhybridorganic-inorganicmaterials withframeworkstructures. Prof. Sevov have publishedinScience,J. Am. Chem. Soc. (26),Angew.Chem. Int. Ed. (12 ) and other journals more than 100 SCI papers.

the scene of the lecture

the scene of the lecture

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