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Prof. Yiu-Wing Mai lectured in School of Chemical and Material Engineering
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On Sept 28th2019, Professor Yiu-Wing Mai was invited to our school for academic exchanges. A wonderful lecture entitled “Toughening Lightweight Thermoplastic Nanocomposites” was delivered by Prof. Mai. Prof. Tianxi Liu hosted this lecture. Prof. Yiu-Wing Mai explained in detail the embrittlement mechanism of thermoplastic nanocomposites using a series of experimental data. Meanwhile, the introduction of elastic rubber particles into matrix can effectively form sub-micron size voids in the nanocomposites, resulting in the formation of the shear yield and promoting the enhancement of fracture toughness of nanocomposite. Finally, he concluded that the level of enhancement in fracture toughness depended on the location and extent of dispersion of nanofillers used, and the cavitation of rubber particles leaded to effective relief of crack-tip tri-axial stress, thereby activating the plastic deformation of matrix. The report attracted a lof of teachers and students to participate, and the atmosphere was very hot. Prof. Mai also had extensive discussions and exchanges with teachers and students.

Prof. Yiu-Wing Mai, a world-renowned expert in materials science and engineering, is the lecture professor at the University of Sydney. And he is also the fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society of London, European Academy of Sciences, Australian Academy of Sciences, and Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. He is well-known for his significant and innovative contribution to the fields of fracture and fatigue of materials and construction; preparation, evaluation and simulation of functional polymer-based composite materials and high-performance aerospace materials.

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